Adventurous, Singles, families, couples and business are discovering the joyful experience of learning to sail together.

Learn How To Sail and or vacation Too.

Key Largo Cottages at Key Lime Sailing Club offers basic, advance, and refresher Sailing Lessons on site. If you’ve never sailed, have limited sailing experience or haven’t sailed in a long time, our sailing courses give you the skills and confidence to take the helm and control your destination. Our sailing courses have patient, caring instructors and the content is determined to meet your specific needs.

Sailing vacations are for everyone.
Learn aboard your own Catalina 22 sailboat and the boat you learn on is designated yours for your entire vacation. You can take it out any time from sun up to sun down. It’s safe, exciting and ergonomically comfortable.

After you complete your course and get YOUR shiny new certification you can venture out Sailing on your own 22' sailboat to discover awesome destinations like:

Mud Bath in Nest Key1. A small Island in the Florida Everglades with a small sandy beach and a mud bath in the middle.

2. Maybe you would like to take off for the Mangrove Jungle tour where you will tow behind your sailboat one or two of our kayaks to a safe anchorage, then hop in your kayak to find mangrove covered tunnels that lead to a place called Hidden Lake. Once there we recommended to have your lunch, drinks, and snacks before heading back to your boat via different water trail that happens to have a rope swing for your enjoyment 1/2 way back to your sailboat.

3. Sail out to do some snorkeling off Grouper Creak or a sunken boat nearby.

4. Or you can just relax, sail your own destinations in the calm waters of Sunset Cove / Buttonwood Bay till the sun goes down.

Sailing brings friends, families and coworkers together. It opens a whole new world of lifetime opportunities afloat. It’s neither gender nor age-specific. If you would like to learn, these sailing vacations give you a whole new perspective on life.

We can also set up team -building sail plans for your group or company.

Learn to Sail Class is normally completed in 2 six hour classes (no charge for extra time if needed). All for $495 per person or $695 per couple and you can add kids to your class at $100 each. At the end of the class you all graduate with confidence and a certificate from the American Sailing Academy to prove it.

We also have a 2 hour Introduction to Sailing class at $200 per person in which the $200 can be applied as a discount to the complete Learn to Sail class.

Our sailing instructors are highly qualified and they truly care about your success. Some of our instructors include Sail masters with more than 40 years of experience here and Australia. We guarantee that your sailing education will be one of the best out there.

Any Questions, Call Cindy at 305-451-3438

With Key Largo Cottages, it’s easy to chart a course for a rewarding vacation.

Sailing Lessons Certificate

Try out this free sailing game from one of Paul’s websites! There are also lots of free games that you can play online here. Enjoy!